There is a time for everything, a season for every activity under heaven: a time for touring and a time for studying; a time for late-nights in bars and a time for tucking in the kids early; a time to make your own ruckus, and a time to listen to another's.

All that to say, The Pandarosa cycles through seasons of activity and seasons of rest. We are most active during the summer months and winter and spring holidays, when we are not in school, when we are back in D/FW for a while, when we have our summer and Christmas showcases. The rest of the year is spent writing, exploring, discovering, and trying our hands at other tasks.

One day, we'll be blessed to see every date in the calendar on the right filled with shows for every band on the label. Until that day, we'll fill it up as best we can, spreading our music around to whoever'll hear it. If you'd like to see the name of your favorite Pandarosa artist stamped on a date there, help us make it happen.

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