Jonny the Wham

The origin of Pagelings is a heavily debated topic. Some say they formed in the core of Jupiter, fermenting for millions of years like a fancy, ancient space-beer. Others claim they rose from the depths of the ocean, Godzilla-style, to overtake the world by force. An only slightly less exciting theory is that Pagelings were born in early 2012 to proud parents, C. Layne and We Are Not Shepherds.

What is known for sure is their debut album, Eternal Return, is a concept album that was released on Pandarosa Records in March 2013. With songs that span a wide range of influences and styles, Pagelings focuses on exploring the final frontier while keeping things grounded in good, old-fashioned folk.

They have adapted quite well to human life, being seen sporadically around Austin playing shows, wrangling cats, or practicing for their next curling match. Wherever they are from, whatever their intentions are, Pagelings are here to stay.

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