The Pandarosa started as a garage recording studio in the early 2000’s but quickly pivoted towards life as a record label.

The original ambition of the independent label was to offer collaboration, financial support, and opportunities for recording and performance to a small scene of musicians in the Dallas-Fort Worth and (later) Chicago area.

The result is over-a-dozen releases, years of shows and showcases, terabytes of audio files, and boxes-upon-boxes of merch. Over ten years later, The Pandarosa persists as a boutique project studio focusing on collaboration and curation. We are undertaking a variety of other projects with help from and in support of family and friends, seeking to nurture a new scene.

Albums, EPs, and singles trickle out of the studio at a slower rate than earlier years, but ‘still waters run deep’ as the quality and concern of the material is enriched by experience and age.

While The Pandarosa has grown more selective over the years, if you are interested in working with any of our collaborators, just reach out.